Why Repeatit?

A definitive guide of why ISPs, Carriers, Integrators and other organisations should adopt Repeatit as their wireless partner.

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Lean. Green. & Mean.


Repeatit is a lean global-organisation with a customer focus at the heart. Our ethos from day 1 of our 14 year history is to make great wireless business cases for our customers


We strive to reduce our company footprint and, more importantly, the footprint of our each Repeatit network deployed globally. Not only do we do more for the environment, we save on energy costs.


By making wireless work better through software in our radios and management while also maintaining a lean, green organisation, we are able to maintain the most effective price-point for our customers.

Pushing Wireless Further.


Repeatit Trinity is a family of high performance hybrid-wireless Point to Point (PtP) and Point to Few (PtF) united with a unique cloud ecosystem. Go to Trinity>


Repeatit Infinity is a highly scalable Point to Multipoint product family supported by next generation management enabling large network operators. Go to Infinity>

Cloud Ecosystem

Free to all customers, the Repeatit Cloud enables network operations to have full cloud-based remote control of their networks. Go to Cloud>

RCS Management

Free to all customers, Repeatit RCS Management harnesses the power of wireless for ISPs and network operators making large scale networks simple to manage. Go to RCS>

Power to ISPs. Integrators. Operators.
By uniting 4 key strengths, we empower partners:
Unrivalled Technology

Flexible Management

Best Price vs. Performance

Global Support Team


No Price / Quality Compromise

Highest Reliability & Availability

Existing Infrastructure Integration

Faster Return on Investement

Free Future Firmware Upgrades

Unified Wireless Management

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