Do you support synchronization?

Do you support synchronization?

Yes, our Trinity-300 system support very precise synchronization for both links and sites.

Link synchronization:

As Trinity-300 nodes use a Time Division Duplex (TDD) based access protocol, it means that you are in full control of the exact bandwidth that can be configured uplink and downlink per user (with overbooking options)

Site synchronization:

As TDD protocols have well defined Transmission (Tx) and Receive (Rx) windows, meaning you know exactly when you transmit and receive, several radios on the same site can share the exact same frequency if two conditions are met:

  • Same Tx/Rx window size, typically 50/50.
  • Enough antenna isolation. This is normally very easy to obtain, especially for Point to Point links facing different directions.

We have installations where many base stations are sharing the same channel of operation. To synchronize several nodes at the same site, the nodes are inter-connected via our SyncMaster network switch that provides precise timing via a GPS-controlled clock.

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