Repeatit Trinity

Repeatit Trinity is a family of high performance hybrid-wireless point to point (PtP) and

point to few (PtF) united with a unique cloud ecosystem

The Repeatit Trinity family combines high quality wireless PtP and PtF with Repeatit’s performance enhancing wireless technologies including AirTime, PacketHeal and SyncMaster. These technologies significantly increase wireless throughput, efficiency and capacity.


With a diverse range of high performance, small form factor and long distance PtP/PtF, Repeatit Trinity represents the best price vs. performance for any products in it’s class, making it an easy option for network operators to deploy.


Due to it’s outstanding performance, Repeatit Trinity is often used for CCTV applications, enterprise / business connectivity, last mile access and offshore connectivity.

Trinity Product Family

Trinity 300

Trinity 316

Trinity 323

Trinity 340

Trinity in Your Network

Trinity Technologies

Repeatit Trinity technologies embedded within each Trinity wireless hardware unit boosting

link & radio performance beyond limits


AirTime by Repeatit makes wireless transmission more efficient greatly increases link efficiency and performance.


MultiFlex is a unique feature that enables all Trinity products to run in both Point to Point and Multipoint mode.


Repeatit’s PacketHeal is a technology that instantly heals lost & corrupted packets, eliminating transmit and receive errors.


SyncMaster allows smart spectrum reuse and multiple Trinity units to be collocated optimizing both PTP & PtMP.

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Synchronization: Trinity’s Secret Weapon

By adding a SyncMaster unit to your network masts, you can re-use the same channels for collocated

Trinity units boosting performance & mitigating interference

The Repeatit Trinity range brings together Point to Point, Point to Multipoint and GPS synchronization with spectrum optimization into one wireless broadband product family. Through the GPS synchronization of a Trinity network, smart channel re-use for both PtP & PtMP is enabled, meaning multiple Trinity units can be collocated together using the same channels, without interference.


Find out how Repeatit Trinity can massively boost your network performance…

Repeatit Cloud Ecosytem

Network Statistics

Get detailed stats on area, link and network performance

Remote Config

Change config network & radio settings remotely

Alert Engine

Get real-time alerts when connections are interrupted

Google Maps

Pinpoint link locations using the Google Maps integration

One-Click Updates

Update to the newest firmware remotely with one-click


Troubleshoot connection issues from the cloud

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