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Repeatit Tracker

Meet the Repeatit Tracker: a Wireless Tracking System (WTS) designed to extend wireless
connectivity on land or at sea.

The Repeatit Tracker is a Wireless Tracking System (WTS) that extends wireless connectivity to moving objects on land or sea. With an in-built Repeatit Trinity radio, the Tracker automatically aligns its antenna to reach the fastest & strongest connection while in transit.


Extending wireless broadband up to 24km and further, the Repeatit Tracker serves new ship to shore applications for ferry operators, oil & gas companies and more. The Repeatit Tracker has already been field-proven back-hauling data and communications from one of the UK’s busiest ferry journeys.


Designed and manufactured in Stockholm, the Tracker is IP66 rated and built with a fine Swedish finish, able to survive harsh conditions at sea.

A New Breed of Maritime Connectivity

  • Resilient connectivity over land or sea – up to 700mbps throughput up to 24km*


  • Ruggedized build quality – IP66 rated


  • Auto-antenna alignment – constant positioning to find the best connection


  • Repeatit Cloud ready – configure, update & monitor your Tracker from anywhere

Tracker Features


Lightening fast speeds over land or sea. The Repeatit Tracker has Trinity technology built in increasing speed and reliability.

Up to 24km

Reach further with the Tracker. Our Wireless Antenna Tracking system works up to 24km delivering high speeds & low latency.


IP66-rated straight out of the box, able to withstand the sea, the desert and even a rain storm.


Plug in and connect to the Repeatit Cloud saving hours of site visits and a tonne of engineering costs.

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Markets & Applications

The Repeatit Tracker series takes wireless broadband into new markets, serving multiple applications on land or at sea.


Maritime & Shipping

The Repeatit Tracker serves a variety of maritime applications. Guests and crew members can now be connected whether on a ferry crossing, container ship or a yacht.


Designed and manufactured in Stockholm, the Tracker is IP66 rated and built with a fine Swedish finish, able to survive harsh conditions at sea.


Oil & Gas

The Tracker can also be used to connect an oil rig to a “floating hotel” or nearby ship. The Tracker is commonly used to connect an oil rig to a supporting ship, provide a ferry with a data connection, connect a fast moving boat to a main vessel or connect a land-based vehicle back to a static control base.



Many onshore applications are enabled by the Repeatit Tracker including wireless broadband networks for mining, disaster recovery, public safety and more.

Repeatit Cloud Ecosytem

Network Statistics

Get detailed stats on area, link and network performance

Remote Config

Change config network & radio settings remotely

Alert Engine

Get real-time alerts when connections are interrupted

Google Maps

Pinpoint link locations using the Google Maps integration

One-Click Updates

Update to the newest firmware remotely with one-click


Troubleshoot connection issues from the cloud

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