RCS Management Support

Free to all customers, Repeatit RCS Management harnesses the power of wireless for ISPs and network

operators making large scale networks simple to manage

If you would like a full version of RCS for free, please contact us.

Download the Full Version of RCS for Free

RCS is available for free to all customers. The License is for 50 units and is valid until 2016-02-01. If you would like a license for more units, contact us.

New License Keys for this demo will be provided before the current has expired. Copy the below information and paste it into the correct fields in the RCS.

Customer ID: RCSDEMO50
Key: 2018020150-4A0B0C0-F5F03511-77F38794-E945EF1B-EF22D27A
Number of clients: 50
Expiration date: 2018-02-01

Release Notes

Since 2012, we ended the support for Windows RCS. We are focusing on Linux. The RCS software is supported for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.


Upgrade from and earlier

Since, RCS is split into two editions: RCS Professional and RCS Basic. New Licensee keys are required. Licensee keys for software versions and earlier are no longer valid. Without a valid Licensee key, RCS will run in RCS Basic mode.


Upgrade from and earlier

When upgrading from versions before be sure to check the radio interface configuration, since the added settings will have default values that might not fit your installation.


Incompatible DB change!

Version introduces a more robust way to handle radio card information, this brakes downgrade compatibility to previous versions. It is still possible to do a downgrade and keep the updated DB but it will require manual intervention. Please backup your DB before upgrading to/past, a DB backup is always a good idea before major operations like an upgrade but especially now.

Java Version

Please note that we do not support Java 1.4 any more.

There seems to be a problem with Java 1.6.0_05 that caused problems loading basestation interfaces from the database.

Support is only given on Java Version 6 update 35. This can be downloaded from the oracle website.

Some installations of the IcedTea6 OpenJDK have problems with SSL, seems to be a library issue since the same version works on other OS installations. This problem prevents BSs from establishing an encrypted connection to the RCS.

Download RCS:

Operating System: Linux x86
Release Type: Install
Date: 2016-03-14
Download: RCSLinuxInstall-

Java JRE Download: jre-6u35-linux-i586.bin

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