Latest version   2015-06-16

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bugfix_symbol Changed queue size of ethernet interface, could cause reboot at very high load.
bugfix_symbol Corrected a bug that could cause disruption in traffic over radio interface, disruption could continue for 1-5min with out notice in BS or SU.

new_symbol Added more country codes.

SU5510A-r4 – 2013-11-12


bugfix_symbol Fix some problems with scanning.
bugfix_symbol Fix a problem when SU is running in bridge mode with QinQ traffic.

new_symbol Changed how radio cards are identified.
new_symbol Added possibility to set channel separation.
new_symbol Added support for Russia.

SU5510A-r4 – 2013-04-19

bugfix_symbol Fix some problems with scanning.

SU5510A-r4 – 2012-06-18

bugfix_symbol Resolved an issue with presenting scan results

bugfix_symbol Resolved a PPPoE problem where multiple session could be started.
bugfix_symbol Resolved an issue where all scan results was not presented, hapened when number of SSIDs was 40+.
bugfix_symbol Resolves an issue introduced in, causing problems when using WPA.
bugfix_symbol Stability fixes.

SU5510A-r4 – 2011-10-31

bugfix_symbol Varios changes in noise calibration routines, improves stability.
bugfix_symbol Varios fixes in BS-SU communication protocol improve protocol stability.
bugfix_symbol Various fixes in handling Clients PowerSave functionality.
bugfix_symbol Resolved a stack problem, stack to small in some cases, could cause a reboot of unit.

SU5510A-r4 – 2011-07-25

bugfix_symbol Corrected a bug causing the “Active Scan” not to show up in the webinterface.

bugfix_symbol Corrected a bug causing the apply button not to work on network tab.

bugfix_symbol Adjusted the calibration routine.
bugfix_symbol Improved SW watchdog, handles lost beacons better.
new_symbol Allow RCS to handle SU settings.
new_symbol Changed how the DHCP server setup the address range, now follows the LAN address better.
bugfix_symbol Added a delay before reading back the scan result when doing a SiteSurvey. Solves a problem where not all SSIDs where presented.

SU5510A-r4 – 2011-04-19

bugfix_symbol Increased number of channels reported, not all channels where reported when using 11ABG radiocards.
bugfix_symbol Fix a problem in prioritization, DiffServe setting for Voice queu was wrong.
bugfix_symbol Corrected a problem with CCMP replay check. Sequence numbers could sometimes be wrong.
bugfix_symbol Varios stability issues resolved.
new_symbol Adjust QoS (WME) settings for better performance.
new_symbol Improve scanning.
bugfix_symbol Bandwidth settings was not applied correctly.
bugfix_symbol Adjust antenna choice.

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