SU-100 Series


NOTE! FW version has a known problem when performing sitesurvey when SU is not connected to a BS. SU will fail to scan and reboot. Workaround is to only update the basic tab, the sitesurvey information will be updated since the SU is performing a scan in the background. If SU is connected to a BS it is Ok to perform a SiteSurvey. This issue will be fixed in future upgrade.

pdf-symbol Download SU Series Manual here

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Latest version   2015-06-18

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bugfix_symbol Changed queue size of ethernet interface, could cause reboot at very high load.
bugfix_symbol Corrected a bug that could cause disruption in traffic over radio interface, disruption could continue for 1-5min with out notice in BS or SU.

new_symbol Added more country codes.

SU-100   2013-11-12

bugfix_symbol Fix some problems with scanning.
bugfix_symbol Fix a bug when checking radio card type, could lead to a reboot, .

new_symbol Added support to handle 3.5GHz radios.
new_symbol Enable the use of reset button
new_symbol Added a ping watchdog.

SU-100   2013-11-12

bugfix_symbol Fix some problems with scanning.
bugfix_symbol Fix a problem when SU is running in bridge mode with QinQ traffic.

new_symbol Changed how radio cards are identified.
new_symbol Added possibility to set channel separation.
new_symbol Added support for Russia.

SU-100 – 2013-04-19

bugfix_symbol Fix some problems with scanning.

SU-100 – 2013-02-18

new_symbol Added ATPC(AutomaticTransmitPowerControl).
new_symbol Added support for 5 and 10MHz channels.
new_symbol Added functions to support publicsaftey 4.9GHz band in the future.
new_symbol Increased the number of parameters that are configurable through the RCS. DATA_VLAN, network mode, wan ip settings.
new_symbol Added ethernet port statistic in webinterface.
new_symbol Added possibility to set a fix ethernet speed Auto/10/100/1000Mbit.
new_symbol Added support for 5.9GHz radio cards
new_symbol Improved DFS, lower the number of false detects.
new_symbol Added support for Brazil
bugfix_symbol Adjusted the cts timeout value
bugfix_symbol Changed the default Bridge mode to Tranparent from MAC-NAT
bugfix_symbol Fix a problem when using WPA, with many possible channels the CPE could fail in association.
bugfix_symbol Fix a problem with scan timeout, could cause a CPE not to connect to a SSID depending on what channel it was on.
bugfix_symbol Increase the time between check of received beacons. To many checks could cause unwanted restarts.
bugfix_symbol Fix a timeout problem when scanning, with many channels to scan the timeout value was to low causing the scan results to be not complete.

SU-100 – 2012-07-10

bugfix_symbol Resolved an issue with presenting scan results

bugfix_symbol Resolved a PPPoE problem where multiple session could be started.
bugfix_symbol Resolved an issue where all scan results was not presented, hapened when number of SSIDs was 40+.
bugfix_symbol Resolves an issue introduced in, causing problems when using WPA.
bugfix_symbol Stability fixes.

SU-100 – 2011-10-31

bugfix_symbol Varios changes in noise calibration routines, improves stability.
bugfix_symbol Varios fixes in BS-SU communication protocol improve protocol stability.
bugfix_symbol Various fixes in handling Clients PowerSave functionality.
bugfix_symbol Resolved a stack problem, stack to small in some cases, could cause a reboot of unit.
new_symbol Show RSSI for each chain.

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