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Repeatit Partner IPNC gives the historic Spitbank Fort Hotel, No Man’s Fort Hotel and Horse Sand Fort offshore connectivity for multi-data uses including video, voice & guest + private networks


How do you provide connectivity to three historic offshore Forts situated in, what can be, a rough & treacherous Sea? Repeatit.


A selection of Repeatit Trinity 323 Offshore equipment has been deployed as a means of backhaul & connectivity to three notable forts in-between Portsmouth & the Isle of Wight. With all 3 forts owned by Clarenco LLP, there was a need to connect the refurbished forts (2 of which are luxury hotels & one of which is a museum) to each other and back to the shore. As two of the offshore forts are now luxury hotels, fast & reliable connectivity was needed for public guest Internet and private network activity including online bookings, private WAN network communications & data transferred from a small warehouse facility onshore near the forts.


Previously, the Forts had connectivity provided by a satellite solution however it was found to be extremely unreliable, being down for hours a day and functioning extremely slowly. The requirement given to IPNC was that the connection had to be fast, strong and stable, able to withstand the treacherous habits of the Solent and the obstruction of ships passing by. As the Forts are hard to reach, the end user needed a solution that could be managed with the ability to trouble-shoot & update remotely which meant the free Repeatit Cloud was a key decision making factor.


“Given the previous satellite connectivity to the forts, we needed something that had a large amount of useable throughput, but could also withstand some harsh Solent conditions,” said Chris Hammond, Managing Director for IPNC. “We’d used Repeatit in the past and were extremely impressed how a wireless link of such high quality, with intuitive management could be so cost effective to us & our customer.”


Due to the requirements of the offshore wireless network, the Repeatit Trinity 323 Offshore was chosen with Repeatit Cloud management. The ruggedness and weather resistant aspect of of the Trinity 323 link ensured that it would not suffer from rust & water damage from spray or rain, a common problem with offshore deployments. The Trinity 323 has a high quality, high gain antenna with a true throughput of 245Mbps meaning it can handle the multi-data traffic that passes over the Repeatit links every second.


IPNC carried out the installation leaving the customer with a fully functional solution replacing the satellite solution. IPNC also configured an automatic switchover solution so connectivity was not interrupted when large ferries passing through blocked one of the links.


“It’s an honour to provide strong, fast & secure connectivity to these historic forts. It’s a great testament to our Trinity products, in particular the offshore range, that they have been selected for such a project,” said Frank Pauer, CSO for Repeatit. “Our aim, as it has always been, is to provide great products with a great business case to both partners & end users and this is a clear example of that.”




About Repeatit
Repeatit develops high quality wireless networking products for service providers and enterprises. By combining the latest wireless point to point & point to multipoint hardware available with our own technologies & cloud ecosystem, we able to significantly increase performance whilst maintaining a disruptive price point. Offering world leading wireless technology for the best price vs. performance enables our customers to build future proof networks without prohibitive hardware, installation & management costs.


Based in Sweden with offices in the Americas, EMEA and APAC, we have an active network of service providers, integrators and resellers which operate in a diversity of markets & applications. Ranging from complex next generation CCTV security networks to nationwide broadband connectivity to offshore data backhaul, our products provide a critical foundation to many organisations across each continent.


About IPNC
At IP Network Communications we have staff with experience in Internet and telecoms technology spanning over 20 years. We have the ability to provide solutions to you no matter the geographical location or size of your requirements.


Our aim is to provide a tailored service to each of our clients, where we recommend the available technology and you choose the preferred solution. We also aim to always offer a prompt and personal service.

Project Type

Offshore, Multi-data Applications

Equiptment Used

Trinity 323 Offshore

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