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The Bootu Creek Manganese Mine in Australia selects Repeatit Infinty for CCTV and network backhaul


The Bootu Creek Manganese Mine, located 110km north of Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory of Australia, is a mine owned by OM Manganese Ltd (OMM). It has high value in use for siliceous and sinter feed grade ore and is uniformly low in contaminant phosphorous and the operation has no logistical constraints being in close proximity to rail and road links to the Port of Darwin. The exploration and development of the Bootu Creek Project commenced in September 2001, mining operations commenced in November 2005, its first batch of ore was processed in April 2006 and first shipment of ore was facilitated in June 2006.


The performance was excellent. Given the performance price, why would you spend 10 times as much on equipment that doesn’t perform any better?


As a crucial part of OMM’s business, the mine needed to create & join several segments of a network so data and video could be carried from IP cameras located at strategic positions around the process plant back to the control room.


Given the ease of deployment and reliability, Repeatit integrator Central Communications installed a Repeatit Infinity multipoint system supplied by Australian distributor, Combined Communications. Combined Communications, a certified Repeatit partner, have used both the Trinity and Infinity ranges before for other projects and were faithful that the Repeatit equipment would work in the challenging environments at the mine.


“The performance was excellent. Given the performance price, why would you spend 10 times as much on equipment that doesn’t perform any better?” said Karl Winstanley from OM Managanese Ltd.


“Providing our wireless equipment to help with the day-to-day operations of a mine is testament to the flexibility and quality of our products. It’s great to work with Combined Communications and we are excited to be involved with many more interesting projects in the future.” Said Frank Pauer, CSO for Repeatit.



About The Combined Group

The Combined Group of Companies are an Australian-owned group of independent, mutually supportive organisations, which form a significant force in their areas of operations. Spectracom, the first company in the Group, was established in 1971 followed later by Nu Tech. A merger with Minor Planet in 2003 resulted in the suitably named Combined Communication with Wireless Data Solutions acquired shortly thereafter. The activities of the private companies within the Group have expanded over the years to encompass four strategic areas:

– Land Mobile Radio Sales
– Fleet Services
– Microwave Communications Engineering
– Dealer Distribution Network

Project Type

Mining, CCTV backhaul

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