About This Project

Bradford City has rolled out a next generation wireless network using Repeatit Trinity & Infinity for CCTV, traffic management and other applications.


Previously with an array of leased lines swallowing large amounts of the city’s infrastructure budget, long standing Repeatit partner, Net View Systems, supplied a high capacity wireless network with simple unified management using Repeatit RCS and the cloud ecosystem. The network, built using Repeatit, carries a selection critical applications including traffic management, variable messaging signage, CCTV, traffic counters, people counters, bus lane enforcement and ANPR.


Network specifications for the large-scale project dictated that the wireless infrastructure must support mission critical applications, ensure a low system latency for optimised performance, have flexible management systems that are both cloud-based and local and that the units have a sleek, low profile & small form factor. After rigorous testing and trials by Net View Systems for Bradford, Repeatit was found to have met the specifications with rollout taking place in late 2014.


Net View Systems selected Repeatit because the exceptional product quality, market leading technologies such as AirTime & PacketHeal and the advanced management from both Repeatit RCS and the cloud ecosystem. PacketHeal, Repeatit’s packet error eradication technology which is built into each of it’s Trinity products, was essential to the CCTV-type applications as dropped packets & black spots cannot be afforded.


“Running multiple critical applications meant we needed a high capacity, efficient and resilient wireless product that could cope with both today’s and tomorrow’s demands.” Said Mark Hancock, Director for Net View Systems. “As well as having high quality products, Repeatit’s PacketHeal technology ensures that packet errors are eradicated on the network which is paramount to the delivery of CCTV data.”


“By supporting England’s fourth most populous metropolitan district, Repeatit’s position as one of the preferred wireless companies used for CCTV is cemented. With an increasing number of reference sites for next generation CCTV networks, we are starting to see a huge upturn in revenues directly attributable to CCTV.” Said Frank Pauer, Managing Director of Sales for Repeatit. “In the UK alone, Repeatit can be found from London to Edinburgh in a variety of applications including CCTV, private networks and ISP connectivity.”

Project Type

CCTV, Traffic Management & other uses

Units Deployed

300+ Trinity 316 & 323s

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