Repeatit Adds Point to Multipoint Capability to it’s Trinity Family for Ultra-Efficient Wireless Networks

Repeatit’s new MultiFlex feature enables Trinity units to operate in Point to Multipoint mode as well as Point to Point, creating a single platform for management & GPS synchronization

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – JULY 16, 2015 – Repeatit, the leading wireless broadband vendor, has today released MultiFlex, a new feature to it’s Trinity wireless family that enables all new & existing Trinity products to function in Point to Point or Multipoint mode. The new feature brings together Point to Point, Point to Multipoint and GPS synchronization into one wireless broadband product family enabling ultra-efficient wireless networks. The new feature now allows the PtP backhaul & PtMP access layer of your network to be fully GPS synchronized with smart channel re-use massively increasing performance in congested 5 & 3GHz environments.

Through the GPS synchronization of a Trinity network, smart channel re-use for both PtP & PtMP is enabled, meaning multiple Trinity units can be collocated together using the same channels, without interference.

The new MultiFlex feature enables network operators to plan, deploy and manage an ultra-high quality wireless network with both PtP & PtMP units operating & reusing the same channels for the highest spectral efficiency. Each new & existing Trinity unit can now operate as a Point to Point unit, MultiFlex Base Station or MultiFlex Subscriber Unit, offering enhanced flexibility for deployment. What’s more, as all products are from the same family, advanced spectrum synchronization & network management is easily implemented from a single platform.

Applications for a Trinity network with PtP & PtMP synchronized include dense video surveillance, dedicated ISP business broadband, private business estate/campus connectivity, managed private security networks & much more. With the 5GHz spectrum becoming increasingly congested, Repeatit has focused on high quality wireless performance in congested areas with smart spectrum reuse & GPS synchronization.

“By adding PtMP functionality to the Trinity range, synchronization & management of a wireless network is seamless. Through the GPS synchronization of a Trinity network, smart channel re-use for both PtP & PtMP is enabled, meaning multiple Trinity units can be collocated together using the same channels, without interference.” Said Frank Pauer, CSO for Repeatit. “We predict a massive uptake for our flexible PtP & PtMP product range for critical security, ISP & CCTV networks across the world.”

Trinity MultiFlex Highlights:

    • Added Multipoint functionality the Repeatit Trinity range & all Trinity products.
    • Each existing Trinity product can be configured as a Point to Point link, MultiFlex Base Station or MultiFlex Subscriber Unit.
    • Unification of Point to Point, Point to Multipoint & synchronization into one product range & platform.
    • Smart spectrum re-use & optimization massively boosts performance for 5GHz Repeatit Trinity networks & enables network operators to deploy many more Trinity units in a network.
    • Applications including ISP business broadband, HD CCTV backhaul & connectivity, private business estate/campus connectivity & much more.
    • Repeatit has also introduced a dedicated Trinity MultiFlex Base Station, with a 90 degree antenna, and a MultiFlex Subscriber Unit that can communicate with all existing Trinity products with the feature.

Customers can auto-upgrade their Trinity links from the cloud, or go to the Repeatit website now and download it for free.


About Repeatit
Repeatit develops high quality wireless networking products for service providers and enterprises. By combining the latest wireless point to point & point to multipoint hardware available with our own technologies & cloud ecosystem, we able to significantly increase performance whilst maintaining a disruptive price point. Offering world leading wireless technology for the best price vs. performance enables our customers to build future proof networks without prohibitive hardware, installation & management costs.

Based in Sweden with offices in the Americas, EMEA and APAC, we have an active network of service providers, integrators and resellers which operate in a diversity of markets & applications. Ranging from complex next generation CCTV security networks to nationwide broadband connectivity to offshore data backhaul, our products provide a critical foundation to many organisations across each continent.

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