Repeatit: Wireless Broadband’s Best Kept Secret

Many are familiar with Swedish Wireless Broadband innovator, Repeatit. Since 2001, our product ranges have been enhanced and fine tuned developing into the widely deployed Trinity and Infinity lines. In the past 5 years, Repeatit’s popularity has snowballed, thanks to a better, fresher & simpler approach to technology and an easier way of doing business. There are 3 key areas that make Repeatit stand above competitive vendors; company structure, technology and ethos & customer focus. In our 14-year history, Repeatit has honed in on its strengths, building products for the benefits of network operators & partners, not to answer to investors & venture capitalists.

At the CommunicAsia 2015 exhibition, we submerged a Trinity 318 in a fish tank to show the quality. Seeing is believing!

1) Company Structure

Repeatit’s company structure can be described in 3 words; lean, mean & green.


Despite having over 840,000 units deployed since our company birth, Repeatit has maintained a lean structure. By streamlining sales & marketing operations to a minimum, we are able to maintain an extremely cost effective product price-point, without compromising any quality. This may be why you haven’t, until recently, heard of Repeatit because we’ve been locked away just making really good products over an above anything. We like to compare ourselves to the Ariel Atom car; it’s superfast (faster than a Bugatti Veyron), ultra-high quality, but the pricing starts from £38,000 / €52,000 / $57,000. The company Ariel isn’t hosting luxury parties in Las Vegas or opening gift shops in airports… Instead they focus on making a really great car – much like Repeatit with wireless products. Yes, you don’t get your initials stitched into the headrest, but like many features that are added at great expense into competitive wireless vendor products, you don’t need them. We have a culture of not making a customer pay for something they don’t need. Instead of focusing on a large marketing budget, we re-invest the money into R&D and utilise some of the free forms of marketing (like this blog post).


Despite this, we are mean. Not mean that we will overcharge for poor quality & features you don’t need, but mean that we maintain a disruptive price point and we have a global sales presence that is growing everyday. We believe we’ve found the balance between wasteful sales resource & a team that is always readily available to help and win partners business. Our team is made up of mean people too; they’re mean to other vendors and will help you win business.


Our organisation actively reduces it’s footprint be it our little-or-no print policy internally or that fact our radios use a fraction of the power of other vendors with better performance. This not only is good for the environment, but it saves a huge amount of a yearly electricity bill too which is sometimes overlooked by network operators.


2) Technology & Quality

If you have come into contact with the wireless broadband industries best kept secret (Repeatit), then the chances are that you are extremely loyal. Our technology is great, really great in fact. At the key of Repeatit’s technology is software, whether it’s the unique AirTime & PacketHeal technologies that sit within the Trinity portfolio, or it’s the advanced RCS network management tool. Not only are these technologies updated constantly, they are available & updated for free. When we ship a point to point link, it isn’t sold with restricted throughput, it’s sold at full capacity and when our braniacs at HQ create a better modulation technique that increases throughput, our whole install base get’s it for free. And, if you want to go one step further, you can remotely upgrade with one-click using the Repeatit cloud, which is also available for free… Do you get our culture? Combining our software & management with high quality wireless hardware, performance is enhanced greatly. It’s also important to note that we don’t provide title throughputs, when we say you’ll get 245Mbps, that’s what you’ll get – providing correct installation, distances etc.

The fact that our technology continually evolves and is released for free is a welcomed contrast to other vendors many of whom are selling the same technology dating back well over 10 years for an increased price… It’s our company structure that enables us to give more to partners and we’ll always continue to do so.

Being a Swedish company, design and quality are both extremely important us (Skype, Spotify, Volvo, Ericsson, Ikea – to name a few, all hail from Sweden). We manufacture all of our products at our manufacturing facility in Stockholm and we have team members who come from high management positions at General Electric manufacturing departments. This is another reason why we are able to manufacture such high quality products for a great price. Our products also look great too, as we believe that they should be as appealing as possible to anyone who was to see them.


3) Ethos & Customer Focus

The first Repeatit products were actually built by two people who owned and ran a small wireless ISP in Sweden – back in the days when it was thought un-commercially & un-technically viable to have a reliable wireless ISP. They built the products because the market did not have any products that were both reliable & cost effective enough to provide a comparable fibre service to end-users. If you take a look at Repeatit’s structure, you’ll see that everything is for the benefit of the customer. The products are disruptively priced because there’s no wasted expenses, profits are filtered back into R&D so we can make the best products & stay ahead, and we have a culture of “free” software & support – all to make the customer win.

Repeatit understands partners… Deploying networks can be extremely costly in terms of hardware, management & maintenance so we make our wireless products reliable like a wire and simple to manage. Infusing clever technologies like the free cloud which manages our hardware greatly reduces installation and operating costs for all partners. With our company sales growing massively in 2014 & 2015, we are pouring more money into R&D creating faster, better & more cost effective products for our existing & new partner base around the globe. With sales offices now stretching throughout Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa and more recently, South America, Repeatit is set to solidify it’s place as the global leader in wireless broadband in the coming years.

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