Repeatit & German government jointly address Rural Broadband coverage

Repeatit and German government meet up

Repeatit & German government jointly address Rural Broadband coverage

Tuesday 2nd of September, Repeatit was invited by the German government to present its unique wireless solutions to 180 government officials in the city of Düsseldorf.

Repeatit was the only wireless vendor invited for the meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to create a basis for the 180 officials on how to spend their rural funding and which solutions to be supported in their areas.

Repeatit showed together with partner Sewikom, who is a big Wireless ISP in Germany, how they used Repeatit to cover an area with 20 000 households which was not connected to broadband before.

The installation is delivering speeds of 50 Mbps per household with 100 Mbps planned for next year.

Repeatit technology is used in three ways in this installation:

1. Backhaul – To send high speed broadband into the rural area
2. Last Mile – Connect each house to the network wirelessly
3. Part of a hybrid solution – Using Repeatit PTP technique to connect DSLAMs wireless with high speed bandwidth and use coper cable for the last mile, see attached photo.

“Wireless ISPs have to deliver a high quality of service today as customers are not willing to “just be connected”. VoIP for Telephony, Gaming and Video Streaming and other advanced features need to always work properly. At the same time the cost of the wireless hardware needs to allow a profitable business case for the Wireless ISP. Most of our competitors are currently either focusing on low-end equipment at extremely low prices which don’t fulfill the quality needs anymore or on high-end equipment with prohibitive pricing. This is where Repeatit can make a big difference by meeting the advanced Carrier feature requirements with the best price-performance ratio in the market.”, says Frank Pauer, Managing Director Sales & Co-Owner Repeatit.

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