What is SyncMaster?

SyncMaster is Repeatit’s unique GPS Synchronization technology. SyncMaster allows Trinity Point to Point backhaul to be synchronized with Point to Multipoint access enabling ultra-high performance with smart channel re-use in congested 5 & 3GHz environments.

What does SyncMaster do?

SyncMaster co-ordinates the send and receives times of multiple collocated Trinity units which mitigates self-interference. Additionally, neighbouring SyncMasters can synchronize togther via GPS mitigating mast to mast inference.

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Video: Using SyncMaster for PtP & PtMP smart channel re-use.

Whitepaper: The Value of Spectrum in 5GHz Networks and How to Use it Properly.

How to collocate multiple Trinity units re-using the same channels operating at full performance.

The importance of synchronizing PtP backhaul & PtMP access together.

Managing synchronization from the Cloud.

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