What is Trinity MultiFlex?

MultiFlex is a new feature in the Trinity range that enables each Trinity unit to have Point to Multipoint functionality. The feature also allows PtMP to be synchronized with PtP enabling ultra-high performance with smart channel re-use in congested 5 & 3GHz environments.

What does MultiFlex do?

MultiFlex enables each new & existing Trinity unit to operate as a Point to Point unit, MultiFlex Base Station or MultiFlex Subscriber Unit. This means you can run your Trinity network in 3 modes; PtP, PtMP or hybrid PtP & PtMP mode.

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Must Watch: MultiFlex Explainer Video

Why use MultiFlex in your Network?

With MultiFlex, the Trinity range sees the management & synchronization of Point to Multipoint & Point to Point unified into one platform.

1) Superior Multipoint Technology

MultiFlex multipoint provides the same high quality Point to Point connectivity, in a multipoint setup. MultiFlex multipoint uses an evolution of Repeatit's AirTime technology, evenly dividing up dedicated time slots to subscriber units for constant throughput & connectivity.

2) Combined PtP & PtMP Synchronization

By adding PtMP functionality to the Trinity range, synchronization of a wireless network is seamless. With Repeatit Trinity, smart channel re-use for both PtP & PtMP is enabled, meaning multiple Trinity units can be collocated together using the same channels, without interference.

3) Flexible Rollout & Management

Because each Trinity link can be configured in PtP or PtMP modes, this offers a game changing flexibility for network operators deploying wireless networks. Not only are all Trinity products built on the same, easy-to-use platform, both PtP & PtMP are managed as one network.

More Info & Resources.


Learn even more about MultiFlex features, applications for Trinity MultiFlex, GPS integration and the benefits MultiFlex.

Case Study:

Read how MultiFlex enabled Swedish ISP, Wlanspecialisten, to offer high speed & reliable broadband to business customers.

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Press Release:

Check out the official announcement from Repeatit with comments from Repeatit management & more info about the release.

Get the Firmware Update:

Download & update your Trinity units with our new firmware. Available for free, because that’s what Repeatit is about… Giving back to customers.

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