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Unique Management monitoring software

Monitor your networks and give yourself and your customers the best support!

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Free to use Repeatit network cloud

Easy to set up and use. Monitor your Trinity TDD Point to point links for free

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Unique management system
Repeatit free cloud management system Easy to monitor and use.Learn More

Point to point links
Transparent point to point wireless communication radio links, ready to use out of the box! Up to 245 Mbit/s real aggregated throughput.Learn More
Point to multipoint systems
Advanced Point to multipoint systems that works out of the box!Learn More
Wireless communication
Visit our Support section and stay in touch with updates and tips!Learn More

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The latest in wireless broadband in 3.5Ghz and 5GHZ 


At Repeatit we are always pushing the […]

About Repeatit

Repeatit offers a wide range of rugged wireless communication devices suitable for outdoor usage. Our product portfolio consists of high performance point to point links based on TDD technology and advanced Wi-Fi multipoint systems. In addition to this, Repeatit offers unique management and monitoring systems,  free to setup and use. To find out more, please contact us!